Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sticky Apples

Two Christmases ago, I bought myself this picture from my favorite store. (More awesome purchases from that store here and here.)

It has a cool saying:

I love how the color is sort of "old newspaper" black and white:

Wait a second, what is this? Color?

Huh. It appears as if some horses have taken up residence on the fence in this picture. Did they come from one of the fields or down the lane?
Perhaps the apples don't fall off the trees here, they just stick right on as they come down, and these stickers are a payback from my childhood?


peeking out villa villekulla said...

I think I can count at least two points for the laugh I got out of that!

nonna said...

The chickens have come home... = ] Regretfully, all too soon there are no more stickers, so just enjoy. You are welcome to come and add to the decore anytime! 1437!

poppa said...

little miss's brain doesn't stop working! what adventures lie ahead?! it works for me, i love it

Brambleberry said...

Ah, but it wasn't the little miss! It was her brother!!!

I've got it coming in both directions.


(which is why I think they were walking the fence instead of prancing in the field) :)

Anonymous said...

i gave my brother that quote on a card for his high school graduation, seems he listened with a film and enlish double major.

what an addition. stickers, gotta love 'em.

Jen said...

all I could do was laugh. Isn't it funny how our children let us have a little glimpse of what our parents went through with us and we can only smile (or cry).

Anonymous said...

Cute addition to the picture...
And thanks for the plug.