Tuesday, June 30, 2009

be kind to dragons

My husband is in the market for a new vehicle. He found one that was 'for sale by owner' a few towns over. (He has always been able to sniff out the best deals in automotive transport.)

This one had potential. The owner said it had some electrical issues, he had no idea how to fix them, didn't want to deal with it...and just wanted it gone. Ever willing to tackle minor-to-medium-ish-major auto repairs, my man wanted to take a look.

After talking at length on the phone with the current owner, he made arrangements to go and take a look. We loaded up our crew. Grabbed lunch. And rode off into the sunset.

When we arrived at our destination, we took beheld the vehicle in question. It had a very large fairy wizard wheel cover on the back spare tire. And bumper stickers. LOTS of bumper stickers. One said, "Be kind to dragons."


Strike one.

And two.

The owners came out of their house and began pleasant small talk. They popped the hood, and then my husband got down on the ground to have a look underneath. When he resurfaced, he had a huge oil drip on the side of his cheek.

He hopped behind the wheel and turned the key in the ignition. Grrrr..rrr..rrr..rrr. Grrrrr.rrrr.rr...rrrr. No start. Again. RRRrrrrrrr..rrrr...rrrrrr....running-only-when-he-kept-his-foot-on-the-gas. Sputter.

While he was behind the wheel, the owners began whispering to each other. I could only speculate what they were saying, but I think it was, "I hope this guy is a sucker and takes this lemon off our hands!! Bwahahahahaha!!!"

He got out of the car, thanked them for their time and we went on our way. Leaving them with their wizard lemon.

On our way home we stopped at Starbucks. AND Target. And Target's Starbucks.

It was a great day.


poppa said...

I do not have an ounce of mechanical ability, last car I bought didn't have the air conditioner or the inside door handle on the passenger side, so of course I gave him what he was asking. it had 4 tires, at least i noticed that

Anonymous said...

well, really shouldn't you. imaginary creatures deserve our respect too.

sounds like one of those, smile sweetly and back away slowly kind of deals!