Wednesday, June 3, 2009

art wall

Pardon the lackluster quality of the pictures....
This is a wall in my kitchen/dining room that I've decided to turn into an art gallery.
Not really.
I'm just running out of wall space. And this wall already had 50 nail holes.
It was serendipity. Or necessity. Or insanity.

The pear on the right used to be a pillow. And the pear fabric stretched on the left is left over from the chairs. I stitched around and painted on one of the pairs to make it more interesting.
My girl drew the flowers with oil pastels on stretched canvas.

The bird up there was a quick sketchy oil pastel done on fabric stretched over a picture that had been hanging in my hall. There's a small picture done by my boy up in the corner and a framed drawing by my girl that is my favorite picture of all time. Also, a few random lovely fabrics stretched over random frames I had laying around.

There are still a few nail holes left....


poppa said...

how neat, the little princess and prince will continue to mature as artist as their work is displayed, however your littlest may exercise some critic license and remove what he can reach. happy days are ahead and we do have wall space available

peeking out villa villekulla said...

I love that you know all of the creators. You inspire me to get on the ball. I need a piece of a.'s wood to make my coat rack thing.