Sunday, October 11, 2009

it's too much

Too much.

I spent the early afternoon sifting through toys in the kids' rooms. I filled three Rubbermaid totes full of loot. Good loot. But loot they're not playing with anymore....loot that hogs up valuable real estate. My house is not large. But it's perfect for us. And there is only so much room for extras.

Even with three cubic tons of toys removed from bedrooms:

My girl has toys spilling out of the containers under her bed.

Her closet barely closes.

And there are a few large toys that sit out on her floor because there is no where for them to go. She still plays with them, and would notice if they went missing. Unfortunately.

My boys have toys spilling out from under their beds.

Their closet barely closes.

Their toy box isn't even close to closing.

How is this possible?!?! I go through things at least twice a year. People! What happens if you don't?! A&E 's Hoarders? (You can watch them online.)

Every time I "clean house", I get a budgy sort of claustrophobia. In fact, the house has needed a good go through for a few weeks but I've been paralyzed. Because it's just too much. It becomes hard to put laundry away. The excess takes over the world. And metastasizes to other cupboards and closets.

Today, though, I buckled down. I couldn't stand it any longer. My husband took the kids to the school and I purged. (This time with their blessing. With the promise of storing not donating. For now.)

It feels good.

For now.

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redeemed diva said...

Got time to come over to my place. I have a few closets who could use your help. How does it all get in here???