Thursday, May 6, 2010

14 reasons why I married the best man on earth

1. Several of the past nights, he's gotten home after the kids are already in bed sleeping. So this morning he woke them up early and got them breakfast at Burger King and took them for a morning drive before work/school.

2. When I first started staying home with baby number 2, we completely underestimated how much it would cost us. We gobbled right through our savings. Instead of me going back to work, he got a second job. He would teach during the week, and put in 24 hour weekends in a metal manufacturing place. There were a hundred days in a row (literally) where he wouldn't get a single day off. He never complained. And once, when he overheard me telling someone how hard it was on me (!!!!) that HE was working so much, he didn't even give me the stink eye.

3. He actually plays with our kids.

4. He hardly ever gets to do anything just for himself. And he doesn't whine about it.

5. He squishes bugs (even the big ones) with his bare hand.

6. He is smart.

7. He can make things. Like, seriously, nice things.

8. He repairs our cars.

9. When he forms a political opinion, it's because he's informed, he's researched it himself, not just listened to some stupid radio or tv talking head. He is able to see all the sides. He knows his stuff. (I do not know my stuff...and sometimes he can talk me in a circle. I like that.)

10. He will talk with me for hours at night. And when I talk about stupid things, he still listens.

11. Sometimes he brings me home chile rellenos for no good reason.

12. He is superhuman strong. I've seen him lift a refrigerator. By himself.

13. He's a good guy.

14. He believes.


redeemed diva said...

I love how this jumped from 8 things to 14...yes, I caught sight of it early this morning!!! Anyhow, I love this list. Same goes for my man and political opinions. I always think,"Wait. When did you have time to learn all this. And where was I?"
And yeah, my guy never complains. Ever. He works in the snow this week, and at night comes home and let's me read excerpts from a novel that make me laugh. Yes, good men, we have! You are right to praise his mighty efforts..and slipping in the phrase stink eye is classic. Love the list post!! Work it, girl!

the lady of the house said...

That is so sweet I love #1 :) Hope all is well w/ your little bundle in the oven - Happy Day, The Lady of the House

Anonymous said...

he sounds like a keeper!

Anonymous said...

#14 is the glue that makes all the rest possible

#15 he was a hockey player that took you to prom

5minutemom said...

What, pray tell, is the significance of #15. I thought he was a baseball player?

Brambleberry said...

He was both. When my dad caught wind that we had started dating (during hockey season), he told me I was not allowed to date any hockey players. (He had been one.) So when my hockey player asked me to prom, I asked my mom for permission to go. She said yes.