Friday, May 28, 2010

the party's over

It's time to stop celebrating a month of little weight gain.

I'm finding that celebrating is like stepping on the caloric accelerator.

I'm pretty sure there will be no celebrating next time.



the lady of the house said...

Hey lady, it's for a good cause right?


I'm excited for you.

redeemed diva said...

Hehe! I love your posts.
I mourn the loss of chocolate with you

Taylor said...

I really like pizza and chocolate and popcorn.
So sad.
Why can't they be vegetables?

JoAnn said...

Okay I'm here from Redeemed Diva..and once again I'm confused. She confuses me. Everyday.
Something about a random word...starts with an L...hold on...LERSE?
so, your blog seems sweet. Not insane like I was expecting. hmm.