Tuesday, May 25, 2010

so help me, God...

My son has trouble saying his 'r's. When he talks, he sounds like he's from Boston. Caah, instead of car. Beh-thday instead of birthday. He's getting better. He's practicing. He hears it himself, and is keenly aware of the words he's saying wrong.

Which is why it MAKES ME SO MAD when people repeat what he says right in his earshot, mimicking the way he's said it. They think it's cute. It is cute. He sounds adorable. But he's five and a half now, and he doesn't think it's cute or adorable.

He came home from preschool before Christmas and wanted me to help him say his daddy's name correctly. He had been trying to tell his teacher his dad's name - which has one 'r' smack in the middle. She couldn't understand him. He said it over and over to her, and finally the Para helped him out. She understood. He was so frustrated.

Because it's a single letter impediment, and because it's such a common one, he wouldn't qualify for aid until he's much older. So I looked online to see if there were any exercises we could practice at home. I learned that an R impediment is one of the trickiest because there are so many variants. Ar, Er, Ir, Or, Ur, Ra, Re, Ri, Ro, Ru....etc, each one requiring a completely different muscle placement.

I found some great tips on what to practice, and we've been working with him. There are several words that he couldn't say correctly before that he's completely nailing now. Which makes him feel really proud. It makes me feel really proud, too.

So help me God if you should mimic him and I hear you. And so help you Jesus if your child makes fun of him and I hear it. Nothing brings out Mama Bear quicker.

I'm not opposed to spanking.


poppa said...

way to go Isaac! let him know I am very proud of him.
we have his back too

Nonna said...

a bigger older bear is even worse - I'm proud of him too OXO

Heather said...

The "Auntie Bear" isn't something to be trifled with either. Mimic-ers beware.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, you don't want to mess with the family I guess, as I see the other comments! Such a good mom to work with him on it!

ps..can you tell I can't remember my username and password??? I am now Anonymous!

the lady of the house said...

spanking other people's kids?

me either. :)

Good Job investigating and figuring out how to work on it! Good Job Mama :)

Anonymous said...

Really, you would spank another person's child for something that many children will do before being taught otherwise? Hm.

redeemed diva said...

I'm on team Brambleberry. Is this a kickboxing session?! Go BG go!
You are a great mom and it is awesome the way you are protective over that. You show tremendous grace and restraint to be able to hold back saying something ornery and nasty....which would also be in ear shot of your son.
I've always meant to ask you--have you thought about homeschooling before?
Not related to this post...but every time I hear you talking about working with your children I always think that you are such homeschool mom material! I think you'd be awesome at it.

redeemed diva said...

I think Brambleberry meant she would spank you, dropkick or punch an adult. It's for comedic effect, I think.

Brambleberry said...

H, homeschooling is something we've prayed about, but don't feel called to do. At least right now.

And I wouldn't spank someone else's child. That was a joke.

I might *want* to spank someone else's child....

Nonna said...

I was going to say yesterday that it's too bad he doesn't have 3 older sisters....but then, I was reminded that they are now aunts :) even more scary! When your children hurt, you hurt even more. And when your children's children hurt - it's 2X more hurt. The older the bear, the more scary. Do they dare go over great sleeping bear???

Taylor said...

My daughter could not say the "k" sound and would instead say the "t" sound in its place.

You can imagine how horrifying it sounded when she would say "kitty."

Visty said...

Ha ha ha!! KATIE! You have arrived: you got your first jackass anonymous comment! I wish I were so lucky. Please don't delete it. It's such a wonderful thing sitting there looking all out of the loop and humorless.

Garrett, for the longest time, pronounced "girl" like "geerw. Say it out loud. It was hard for him to do the r also. Then Brenna picked it up from him and called herself a geerw, and then they both learned the r and still said "geerl". So funny! I loved it.

Anonymous said...

I have two son's that have been in speech therapy and he "R" sound is the last sound they get at 7 yrs old and even then it's even later if they are a boy! If you can't understand a child you NEVER ask them to repeat it over and over again! I always say my ears aren't working and I can't hear them! Keep up the great work, but know that with all the help in the world he might not get it for a few years!