Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Future Daughter-In-Law,

I am doing this for you.

When he hates everything in front of him at the table, I make him try anyway.

When he says he'll puke if he has to take a bite, I call his bluff.

When he says he doesn't like potatoes, I mash them up and hide them inside.

When he is "full," I make him take five more bites. (Not because I want him to be overstuffed, but because I know when he is lying.)

My dear sweet girl, for you, he will now eat (and enjoy!):



Green beans







But he would prefer a jelly sandwich.


Laura said...

Way to go! My son prefers to go hungry. At least he tasted an orange tonight.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing I have girls who will be preparing the meals. Hope their husbands like macaroni.

the lady of the house said...

I love that you too are thinking of your future daughter-in-law.

I pray for them just as I do all my loved ones.

Loved this post girl!

Hugs, The Lady

redeemed diva said...

hahaha! Yes, I do this as well. He's two and starting his chores....for her and for me...oh, yes, and for him too. Of course, for him, too! ;)