Thursday, September 16, 2010

38 weeks

And counting.

I've got a doctor's appointment this morning where I'll learn that absolutely nothing is "happening."

I know it's good to be boring in this circumstance, but just once it would be fun to have a STORY!


I was shopping for groceries and right there in front of the butter *ta da* my water broke!


I was cleaning the house when I started having contractions. They were three minutes apart! I had to call my husband AT WORK! And he had to come and we had to call a SITTER!

You know, stories that have jazz.

My stories go like this:

I was one hundred days over my due date, and the baby wasn't going to come out. So I went into the hospital on a scheduled day. They broke my water. They gave me pitocin. My baby was born 12 hours later.

Always a VERY WONDERFUL outcome, but so predictable! No drama! (*unless the other selfish hogs take up all the spots in L&D on my special day.*)

I'm wondering if they sell those special crochet hooks anywhere?

(Just kidding.)



nonna said...

I know how much you enjoy sitting holding your new baby, but think of all the things you can do right now, that in just a couple of weeks you will not be able to...I told myself that MANY times....well at least 4 times. However, I keep praying for him to arrive at a soon-to-be-unexpected moment! I don't think the water breaking in the supermarket would be as fun as we'd think tho =] 1437

Tember said...

Oh, it's so hard to wait! I'll pray that your delivery is spontaneous :) and yields a healthy boy very quickly. Thanks for linking to your previous blog about your post-poned induction. I just LOVE your writings, your tender heart shines through so readily.

Melanie said...

Be careful what you wish for... ;)