Thursday, September 30, 2010

Waiting game

Had an appointment today and found out that I need to wait it out a little longer. My official ultrasound due date is today. The due date I've been counting down to is Saturday. My dad's birthday. I was really hoping to be induced on Saturday. Not going to happen. I could certainly go in on my own on Saturday...but that's not very likely.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude.

I'm making a mental list of all the good things that can happen while I wait:

1. I can take more naps.
2. I can sleep for longer stretches at night.
3. I can leave the house at any given long as there is another adult around to watch the biggers.
4. I know what time everyone will be in bed at night.
5. I can eat sour cream.
6. I can eat onions.

That's about all.

Right now, I'm feeling REALLY tired and VERY cranky. Only 180 minutes until bedtime.


Micah said...

well..with my 3rd my dr said "she hasn't even dropped, we're going to have to induce sometime next week. I'll be out of the office tomorrow but I don't see you having her anytime soon" I had her the next day :) just tell your dr to go out of town

Tember said...

May I just say that I LOVE your list! It's all so true. And thank you that I am not the only one who countsdown to bedtime...46 min. remaining :)

redeemed diva said...

Oh girl. Praying for you. I wanted my daughter born on my Dad's birthday too. She came two days later and was induced. I feel our pain. Well, um, not the actual pain of labour...but, um...the pain of... well, what's that you say about sour cream?