Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've been doing a lot of praying lately. A lot. "Give me the patience to deal with this....let me respond out of love and not anger....please, give me the grace to get through the day.....could you please make them just be quiet??!!?" ...and so on.

It seems just as soon as "the boundaries" are set, the kids become boundary hunters. Is that boundary still there? Yes? Oh....if I keep pushing it, does it move? No? If I shout about it will it change? Huh. You mean there are still consequences to my actions? Right. How about now? Did anything change in the last two minutes? Oh. Gotcha. But what about this boundary? Is this one still the same? Man! What kind of racket is this?! I have to follow the rules?

Never, ever {EVER!!} pray for patience.


I'm just kidding of course....but be ready if you do pray that prayer....because the only way to LEARN patience, is to walk through the moments that allow you to practice patience. Thank the Lord! He is willing to shoulder the load. I could never do this in my own strength.


betty r said...

I love what you said about patience...I learned that a long time ago that the more I prayed for patience the more tribulations I had!! But at the same time we do need to learn patience to make us stronger in our faith.

nichelle said...

my kids are constantly pushing the boundaries...eli, 3, addie, 2, and ellie, 6 months...(well not so much ellie :)) i love being a is truly the greatest gift that God gives...and sometimes i feel like i am going insane...and i do feel that way when an adult calls the house and i realize that they said two words while i dominated the conversation! but i guess when i feel the most patient is when i am with friends not used to children! and it seems that every little thing that kids do annoys them...and then i think, maybe i am pretty patient!