Monday, October 6, 2008

7 pm bedtime

The best gift I've ever given myself is an early bedtime. For my children.

Last year, Kindergarten really kicked us in the pants. The big girl lost her wheels right after dinner time, and the boy, who had begun to phase out napping, began to wane as well. How do you get from diner at 6 to bedtime at 8 when everyone starts freaking out at 6:30?!

You don't.

You move dinner to 5, and bath time to 6:30, and bedtime to 7. One night. And then the house is quiet. And morning is early. Which is nice. And you love it. So you keep doing it over and over and over again.

But what about summer vacation?! Doesn't summer vacation mess everything up? Ah. It could. If you let it. But you don't. Why? Because, your wheels fall off at 7:05 pm, and you need a little peace and quiet so that you don't become a drinker. So you sell your kids the story about how WONDERFUL it is to go to bed when the sun is still up. See? You don't even need a night light! It isn't dark and scary! Woohoo!!! And they eat it up with a spoon. And the house is quiet. And morning is early. Which is nice. And you love it. So you keep on doing it over and over and over again.


I tell you. It's a slick deal. At least it seems to be a slick deal. And then you remember that in a few short days (God willing!) a new person will be entering your family. And this new person likely has not received this early-to-bed-memo. And so you try to relax. You've done this all before. It's all good. You can coax this newbie into a routine. It might take 4 years, but it will happen. Soon. Hopefully.




nonna said...

I found that the third baby seemed to just know the routine - well, maybe there will be a few short nights - but life will continue to purr along. Just one more added blessing. Can't wait. 1437

~D~ said...

Previous commenter is correct, number three just slides right into the family. No problems here! I agree seven o'clock bedtime is FANTASTIC and a necessity around here. My family thinks we're nuts!

poppa said...

when I was a child, we were known in the neighborhood as beddie bye babies. but I am sure it kept a certain level of sanity in the house. Besides getting up early and playing before school was a treat. Can't wait for your next little miracle, he will have two very good "teachers" to help him learn the about we....

neeter said...

Siah, while he goes to sleep later than the girls (which I like sometimes - alone time) has never had his days and nights mixed up. He's been up late, but never all night.

Good luck!

redeemed diva said...

It's scary how much you and I are alike. And we don't even get together for tea on a regular basis...or any basis at all really.
I too stick my kids in bed at 7 pm and then I have what I call, "my sanity time".
And guess what? With number three only two weeks old, he's in bed at eight. jUst enough time for usu to snuggle, feed and change a diaper!
It'll all work out!

kristy said...

Man everyone makes it seem like number three is a piece of cake! Maybe I'll take another one too.. or maybe not.

I would love a 7pm bedtime, but I can't imagine Zachariah being tired by then. Plus with Ben getting off of work at 6 sometimes we're eating close to 7. That's great that you can make it work!

emily said...

Number 3 was a cinch. A cinch, I tell you. And I loved your post just before this one as well..about the early bedtime. It is a great habit that we are in as well (most of the time).