Friday, October 3, 2008

ramblings from an empty mind

So, I was remembering the other day... know, when your baby is born? You spend some time in the hospital. And that baby is outside of you now. And you feel SO SKINNY. (Relatively speaking, naturally.) And, like if you really wanted to, you could totally run around the halls. Without having to hold onto your tummy--the way you had to when you chased your other kids around when afore mentioned baby was still in utero. You could probably even do cartwheels if you were so inclined.

And then, you uploaded your pictures, or had them developed, and you were shocked (SHOCKED!) at what you really looked like. As in, not like the skinny woman you felt like, but like a bloated whale that had been punched in the face. (Especially those pictures taken RIGHT after the birth.) I the only one with that experience?

Which is why, THIS time, I'm bringing my full arsenal of beauty products. (Vanity?) No cameras will be permitted until I've put my face back on. Of course, I will go in with my face already all put together. I'm not sure what it is about labor that makes my face fall off completely. Again, maybe this is an issue only for me. (But then again, I've seen pictures of other women, immediately post delivery, and they look different. I mean, they still look beautiful, in a granola sort of way. But they don't look like their normal put-together-faced-self. You get me?)

So, I've got my make-up at the ready. I wonder if the hospital would allow me to use only candle light in my room? I'm thinking that candle light would really be the most flattering.

Of course (!!!!!) the baby comes first. Always. Always. And my primary concern is with him. And his well being. Can I say that I am so embarrassed that I've written all these paragraphs about something SO TRIVIAL AND SUPERFICIAL? I'm horrible. But am I normal?


Mrs. MK said...

hehehe....hormones raging and yes, normal!!

Keep smiling!

J. Lange said...

Though I'm not a mom yet, I think that's COMPLETELY normal.

Best of luck and make sure to bring tinted chap stick(because hospital lighting is really mean)!

kristy said...

ha. I don't know if it's "normal" but it's TOTALLY how I was.. everything you said. I won't open the door to get the mail without putting on my makeup so of course I brought it all with. I even considered getting myself completely all together... hair nice.. everything.. even if I went into labor at 2am.. which I did...go into labor at 2am..I didn't actually put myself all together... I even kept my glasses on. But the next day.. after spending the first in labor and then sleeping most of the day... it all went on. And I look at the pictures and I had the same reaction you wrote about. gross! But I continue to get that reaction.. I need to start loosing the rest of this baby weight instead of gaining it all back! I'm just waiting for you to have David.. and then we can loose the baby weight together.. yeah.. that's why I haven't lost mine after 10 months.. just waiting for you!

You'll look great by the way.

redeemed diva said...

utterly and completely normal. How's this--I got my hair cut and styled the week m son was born for the pictures that would be taken after his birth, and I took makeup with me. For my 2nd child, who I was induced with--I did my makeup all up. Let me just say this--DUMB,DUMB idea. When you are induced you bawl like a baby which makes the whole mascara idea just DUMB!
Anyway, what I have done,and I recommend, is bring some really nice smelling soap/body wash and lotion--so afterwards when you shower after birth-you smell so yummy good that you feel just a bit luxurious...well as luxurious as a beached whale can feel!
I bet you'll look radiant and beautiful and like a natural woman afterwards! can't wait to hear how it goes

Brambleberry said...

SO glad I'm not alone!