Thursday, October 9, 2008

have you met my children?

I don't know if Rosemary Wells has been spying on us, or if this dynamic of older sister/younger brother is typical in every house. Both of my kids love watching this show (in the form of checked-out dvds from the library). And I think they like it, in part, because they can relate so closely to the characters.

The other morning, I was in need of a nap, so I popped in a Max and Ruby in for my boy. We laid on my bed watching the movie, or, he laid and watched and I laid and slept. I was awakened several times to him talking sternly to the television. "Ruby! He doesn't WANT to play that game!" I'm sure he was commiserating with poor bossed around Max. Not that Max is miserable, or that my son is miserable, but....they're definitely both bossed around.

And for some reason, the unseen parents strike a chord for me. I'm certainly not absent, but there are many many days that I feel sort of obsolete. Unnecessary somehow. My girl can hold down the fort pretty well. She's at the age where she handles most of their squabbles. There are times when he will ask her for help instead of me. I love that they have each other. And that I will always be reminded of these days when I see those two little bunnies.


redeemed diva said...

I think it may be an older sibling eldest is a bit like Ruby..only her little sister isn't as reluctant as Max...sometimes she does get the eyebrows down over her eyes face that Max gets though!

kristy said...

Ha-- I laughed thinking about him saying that. Too cute.