Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Logically, I know that this baby will get born. Eventually. But there is this tiny little part of my brain that has developed a silent and internal form of tourettes.

"You will be pregnant forever!"

"There is a conspiracy against your birthing process at the hospital!"

"They are shipping in all the pregnant women from the surrounding communities for the specific purpose of keeping you pregnant!"

"Some of those women aren't even in labor!"

"You should sneak into the hospital, find that crochet hook and break your own water!"

"Eat an entire bag of potato chips!"

"This baby is going to come out the size of a toddler!"


I'm trying to silence those thoughts through prayer. And baked goods.

Last night, my husband took the kids for a little drive, and I sat and rocked and read aloud from Psalms. My God is good. Not because He does what I want Him to. Because He doesn't. He is good because He is good. I'm going to place my trust in Him and His plan. His perfect timing. I just need to replace those crazy thoughts with good thoughts. True thoughts.

Everything will be alright.

God can move whales. (Thanks, Auntie Cook!)


redeemed diva said...

Oh...big hugs! God is good. You are so right. I love the thought process riht from conspiracy to blubbering!

k.r said...

You know when you say something really bizarre and you think "why did I just say that.. even in joking.. that was just... bizarre" That's how I felt this morning right before you left.

God is so good and faithful. God's love isn't a pampering love.. it's a perfecting love.

Brambleberry said...

"God is so good and faithful. God's love isn't a pampering love.. it's a perfecting love."

I think I might need to tatoo this on my forehead. :)

neeter said...

Come on out little guy, we want to meet you. (I am fantasizing about sweet little newborn heads)

betty r said...

Oh the waiting always seems ..no not seems, it IS so long!! But you will not be pregnant forever so take hope..yes God is good and I'm glad you got some alone time with Him to read his Word.