Friday, November 7, 2008


playing the rhyming game
her: cat

him: bat

her: no, I was thinking of something else

him: but bat rhymes

her: think "hhhhhuhhh"

him: hat

her: Yes! Hat!'

her: Isaac

him: Mysaac

her: Mysaac isn't a person's name or a real word

him: nothing rhymes with Isaac

her: Yes. Visaac.

him: Visaac isn't a word.

her: Visaac could be someones name.

him: *an angry growling sound*

her (moving right along): Zachariah

him: *walking away, no longer willing to be wrong every time*


ah, the joys


peeking out villa villekulla said...

I got a good laugh from that. :)

I love their conversations.

neeter said...

I am literally laughing my air out ;)

betty r said...

Too funny! She's thinking..'my game, my rules'.

Leah said...

Love it! Thanks for the giggles tonight!

Anonymous said...

wow, i have one of those too.