Monday, November 17, 2008


When my crew was away, after I switcherooed and painted, I made a couple of curtains for my dining room. Dining area. The space near my table and chairs.

I found these table cloths a few months ago on clearance at Target. They were maybe $3 a piece?

I ripped them in half, stitched a seam on the ripped end, ironed them, pinched them between drapery clasps, drank a sip of coffee, and slid them on a rod.

(table cloths as's how I roll.)

They're just a wee bit shorter than I would like, but who wants to rehang the drapery rods? Not me. There are already 50 holes up there that need to be patched, and if I lowered said rods, one would be able to see the folly of my hammering, screwing, etc.
This way we match. Me and my drapes...waiting for the flood. (My pants are a bit too short. Not tall enough for talls, a bit too tall for regulars....a post for another time.)
Oh! And! I wanted to mention a few bloggie giveaways....
Amy over at who lived in a shoe is doing a candle giveaway.
And Mrs MK from Mrs. MK's Musings is giving away a beautiful scarf.
If you should win instead of me, I will be happy for you. (But only if you send me gratuitous chocolate.)


betty r said...

Great job on the curtains..I love them! At that price who cares if they are a bit short although I'm thinking they look just fine!

lovemytannerman said...

You are so talented. My house would look so much nicer if I new how to do things like this!

peeking out villa villekulla said...

I was checking those out saturday.. but they looked so familiar that I didn't say anything.. I thought you'd had them for along time. I think that look so cool! And you don't want them handing on the floor getting dirty.. I don't think they look too short at all!

peeking out villa villekulla said...

and thanks for the tip on the scarf drawing.. as a consolation.. if I win.. I will let you wear it WITH me since it's so long.

redeemed diva said...

table cloths on curtain rods...that's how I roll!
I am laughing so hard. You are so cool.