Saturday, November 22, 2008

since I'm making fun of other people....

I was remembering today how shy my older sister used to be growing up. (Not any more...she was struck by lightning in her teen years, and did a complete 180.)

((Okay, so she wasn't struck by lightning, but she did do a 180.))

One winter afternoon, a little girl was waiting for her great grandmother (Granny) to collect her from kindergarten. Now, Granny was starting to lose her vision---just a tinch---not enough to keep her from hopping into her huge Cadillac (in THE MOST ladylike fashion) and running any and every errand.

Granny didn't usually collect this little girl (we'll call her Donna Doonu) from school. But this day, Donna Doonu's mom was busy with her other little girls.....for a reason I don't recall. Donna Doonu's mom called Granny. Granny was more than willing to lend a helping hand.

So, Granny pulled up to the front of the school. She walked up to the school and looked for Donna Doonu. She didn't see her. Anywhere. Hmmm. Well, that's curious.

There was a little girl all bundled up on the stoop watching Granny look for Donna Doonu. Granny noticed this little bundle and asked if she had seen Donna Doonu. Um. No. The little girl shook her head. She had not seen Donna Doonu.


Granny asked if this little girl would go inside and look for Donna Doonu. The little girl nodded. She walked into the school. Looked around, and came back out. Nope. She shrugged.

Huh. She must not have seen Donna Doonu inside.

With Donna Doonu no where to be found, Granny went on her way.

Then the little bundle walked home. 7 blocks. Past 2 of the biggest scariest dogs on the planet. The bundle didn't usually walk home 7 blocks past 2 scary dogs, but this day she had to. She had just sent her ride on its way, because she was too shy (and polite) to tell Granny that she was Donna Doonu.

Can I just say, that my most favorite part of this whole entire memory, is the fact that my sister actually went into the school to look for herself? :)


Anonymous said...

Well this Donna....she sounds like a very polite and EXTREMELY obedient little girl. She always seemed to do what was asked, even as a teenager when a very non-favorite uncle told her she had to wear a RIDICULOUS sparkle helmet to drive her littlest sister and cousins in a super long parade. I feel for this young Donna. I am so glad for lightning.

Anonymous said...

Wow, feeling a little better about myself. Quite a story.

Sally said...

Haahaaahaahaaaa! If you only knew Granny...!! Did she get any Christmas presents after that?? I guess her pennance took a couple years to happen- teenager with glitzed cap riding in the Roso parade hauling cousins behind- yep-she won't do that again!! :) Still living on 3RD Ave- not quite as much family traffic now- things change over time!! Thanks for all the memories tho!!!!!!!

poppa said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and the helmet was bulbous to say the least, looked like a fully lit Christmas tree!!

Jen said...

Poor little Donna! I was just thinking about that story when we were at mom and dad's this weekend when I saw a beautiful picture of Granny! Ah the good old days.