Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Have you met my mugs?

They've made several apperances around here, but have never been properly introduced. Another Katie recently posted about her collection of mugs. Each had a wonderful story, and it got me thinking about my special mugs. They're twin sisters. Purchased from my favorite store of all times. (I happened to notice during my most recent visit, that the twins are actually quadruplets, two of their sisters are still awaiting a placement--at something like $13.00 a piece, they shan't be homeless for long! Should you need one or both for your sipping enjoyment, I'm sure you could shoot her an email from her store's website, just click here.) :)

Every day begins with some sort of hot beverage sipped from these beauties. They are big and smooth and wonderful. Perfect for 2 cups of coffee in one fell swoop. They love icecream, cereal, and even the occasional left over casserole.
They hold nicely. The handle is just right. The saucer feels a little fancy. And the color? Ah! It's the perfect hue--a little brown, a little red, a little orange.

Aren't they beautiful?


Brin said...

I love, love, love your mugs! (And whatever's in them, too!)

Hi! I'm Brin. I found your site through a link on Anna Marie's. (Don't you just love her blog?) Anyway, I read your profile and noticed that we have some things in common and wanted to stop in and say hello.

Hope you're having a wonderful Fourth and Fifth!


Brambleberry said...

Oh, yes! I love Anna Maria!! I am trying to be patient while she is on a small hiatus.

Thanks for the greetings!

Katie said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your mug story, too. These mugs are indeed wonderful...and whatever's in them looks yummy!

Brambleberry said...

(Coffee, whipped cream and chocolate shavings--super delicious)