Thursday, May 28, 2009

Georgia with a peanut

[Almost] every day, when my baby is down for the first nap of the morning my boy says,
"Hey, mom. What should we do to pass the time? I know! Let's do the state puzzle."

Sometimes he'll say, "Hey, mom. I'm feeling a little sleepy. What would wake me up? I know! Let's do the state puzzle."

So we do. And, let me tell you, this boy knows his states. It's amazing.

Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia-with-a-peanut are three brothers, according to him. Mississippi and Alabama got in a fight. Over toys. So they are both looking in opposite ways saying, "Hhmmph."

He can place all the states by himself...and has made up a story about almost all of them.
This puzzle has been one of my best purchases.

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Anonymous said...

I love that puzzle....even if it makes me feel kinda like I may have been asleep during geography... :)