Friday, May 29, 2009

new to me

My sister is getting a new table and chairs. She had been using this set. She's done with it now, so she sent it my way. And I love it. LOVE IT SO MUCH.

I recovered the chairs with a table cloth I found on clearance at Target. Orla Kiely. (Thank you, Target, for having actual designers come up with things for you. This was a great idea.) You know, those curtains were also once table cloths I found on clearance at Target. I'm sort of a one-trick-pony.

Look at these chairs! I'm loving them.

And this table!? That there's a curve.

Um, so if you are getting something new, and need a place for your something old to go, you can totally send it my way.


poppa said...

you very nice. and according to mr wonderful the old table will become a sewing table....the creative juices may become a flood! enjoy

nonna said...

Looks perfect in your dining room! At home and in love. Good job with the seat cushions, hurray for Targee once again =] 1437

peeking out villa villekulla said...

looks awesome! You're so completely talented!

sjb-roso said...

Love Love Love it!

Heather said...

It looks fabulous! I LOVE the chairs! Impressive!