Tuesday, May 5, 2009

mothering the village

We were waiting to pick up my girl from school with the windows down....enjoying the fresh breeze. A few 5th graders escaped early and were playing on the swings about 50 feet from my car.

Three girls started making fun of a boy for being in the "dumb" math class. They went on and on....and wrongly assumed that no one was listening.

Now, I have to say that I am so pumped that our school has implemented the Character Counts program. Their are six pillars: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. But these pillars are only as strong as the base they rest upon. And the children need to be held accountable.

While I was listening to the belittling, I felt compelled to act. I've been trying to be more obedient to The Spirit's promptings, so I got out of my car and sat on the hood. I took a breath, prayed for the words, and walked towards the swing set. I felt angry. I wanted to give these girls some serious what-for. I wanted to march them into the office. Take names. Lock them in jail.

I got the the swings, and rested one arm on a post with the other on my hip. Six eyes got very wide and were looking straight into mine.

"Girls, I want to gently remind you about the six pillars of character. Please think about what you are saying."

The Alpha female said, "We'll stop."

"Thank you." I said, and walked back to my car.

They stopped. Who knows if it was because I was still within ear shot, or if it was because they remembered the pillars. I hope it was the latter. But just in case, I'm going to be parking in the same spot while sitting on my car for the last few weeks of school.

Beware children! Your mama might not be listening, but this mama is!


Visty said...

Good for you! The world needs more mothers like you.

nonna said...

Johnny Doe's mom thanks you too : )

poppa said...

Great action, and you handled it perfectly, in gentleness and firmness it became a teaching moment. Guns blazing isn't always the best way.
Of course "welders eye" doesn't hurt either!

poppa said...

so does johnny

Anonymous said...

Katie, you are such a blessing!!

redeemed diva said...

Go mama Go,Go, Go!

Anonymous said...

i am the playground disciplinarian too.

many wee ones have been protected from rowdy boys on my watch.

they need that reminder. and way to do it.

Sally said...

Bergetta lives on!! Just kidding!! I commend you for following the holy Spirit's lead to say what was on HIS mind- something they will never forget for sure and for all the "Johhny Doe's" ahead you helped!! And if they do finally have to go to jail- may they have a "Katie" as their Supervisor!! scary thot that these were 5TH GRADERS TOO!!God Bless & keep up the 10-2 frame of mind!! :)

Brienne Miller said...

What a great Mommy! I love a parent who is not afaid to gently remind other people's children of the virtues that are common to all! My new favorite blog is here! Thanks for sharing your grace!