Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You know, when your husband tells you to drop off the big kids once he's off contract bring along a Charlie and Lola for them to watch while he gets all his {school} year end work in that you can catch a little nap while the baby sleeps....and you drop them off, and on the drive home you get butterflies of excitement flitting around your stomach. What will you do? What will you do?! A couple of free hours! And you are so excited by this prospect that you can't fall asleep. Even though you tried! (Admittedly, it would have been easier if you wouldn't have had Oprah on in the back ground----but you don't really care for Oprah any more...what is going on with her?! She used to be one of your favorite people!) And now, the baby is sleeping, but not for much longer, and you've waisted time looking at and are hungry for 50 different things---none of which you have the ingredients for in your Old Mother Hubbard cupboards.......completely hypothetically speaking.....given afore mentioned scenario.....from where would you order dinner?

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Brienne~ said...

Happens to me every time. every time. Oh well! I short nap can male you even more crabby than before the nap, so perhaps you were blessed!