Monday, February 18, 2008

notes on the garden

It's been so wintery lately. Blustery. Cold. The wind chills straight to the bone. While I think myself a lover of winter, I know myself to be fickle. Jumpy. Impatient.
Which is why I planted these lovely seeds so incredibly early. It does my psyche good to watch faux spring occurring in my home. I know the real deal will eventually come. And hopefully these things will be able to make a transfer well....time will tell.

the foxglove
the peas
the tomatoes


Rick said...

I can just about taste the peas! on a cold day the thought of what lies ahead makes these days much more tolerable. Thanks for the reminder of the promise of all that lies ahead.

betty r said...

Sure looking like spring...I love new greens shooting up out of pots!

Nonna said...

I feel insprired and hopeful....there is just nothing to replace watching a seed come up as a plant through the dirt! New life is amazing. Soon it will be on the other side of the window - I can hardly wait!