Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My living room has come down with a bad case of spots.
They're everywhere.
The cause? Me. And a hammer. And too many nails. And the propensity to rearrange pictures.
I started filling a few holes in the kitchen today, and then glanced around the living room. Plaster in hand. I removed the current arrangements, and was astonished by just how many {tiny} holes I've punched into these walls. I just hope I can match up this color....or this small patch job may just turn into a big painting job. Man!


Rosa said...

That's why it takes me forever to hang pictures after I've painted my walls. Once they are up they are never moved! Well at least not until the room gets repainted. :)

Mara of ::the simpler things:: said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one. : )

Tammigirl said...

This reminds me that me of how my kids each got the Chicken Hox. Now why couldn't they pronounce the "P" I'll never know and oddly enough, they each got the chicken Hox two times.

Meanwhile, your living room needs a vaccination!