Monday, February 4, 2008

Communion Sunday

Sunday, I went solo with the kids to church. Daddy has been working on his masters and had class this past weekend. Getting out the door is somehow easier when I am alone (?) and we left for church with time to spare. I thought it a good day to grab a coffee (for me) and some doughnut holes to keep the kids quiet and happy during the service. (Our church is comfortable--it is not uncommon for half of the congregation to be holding a cup of joe.)

It was Communion Sunday. There is something so wonderful about taking Communion. Isn't there? And on this particular Sunday, I was able to focus and get my heart in the right place (the kids were quietly coloring).

Their first Communion experience didn't go over quite as I thought it would, and for now, we don't feel as though they are ready to regularly partake. They know this, and are respectful of everyone else as the bread and the "wine" are passed around.

Little Miss sat down during the song that played while the bread was being handed out. She noticed that I had a piece of cracker in my hand, and grabbed herself one of the doughnut holes. And held it, as I held my cracker. The ushers went to the front, the pastor said, "And Jesus broke the bread, gave it to His disciples and said, "This is my body which is broken for you. This do in rememberance of me."

The congregation quietly ate "the Body."

L. Miss stuffed an entire doughnut hole in her mouth.

My moment of focused consentration was broken by the worst case of the giggles I have ever gotten.

Ahhhhhhhhh. I just love when my kids notice the important things. And, when they want to do those important things, too. Praying. Often. Spending time in the Word. Loving one another. Memorizing scripture. All the things that are good, and important....but especially the "things" that lay a firm foundation....the things that turn them towards Christ. So that when the time is right, and He knocks, they are ready to answer.


betty r said...

Thanks for sharing that..brought a smile to my lips!

Smellyann said...

Too cute!

Tammigirl said...

HA HA! I remember my son wondering why he couldn't have a snack during church like I did. Good story!