Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Two months before we found out we were expecting baby #3, we cleaned out the basement. I was getting a bit tired of looking at all the stuff down there, and we decided to donate all the baby furniture to a local caring pregnancy center. The swing, the highchair, the bouncy seat, some bigger toys, a car seat, etc. The crib was in the corner, and I was just itching for it to find a new home. To be used. To not be gathering dust in my basement. But where was the hardware? Ugh! Somewhere safe. Where I had placed it. Some where I would remember....

No such luck.

Which was lucky. Since two months after that big clean, we were blessed again. Thank the Lord for sisters with extra baby gear gathering dust in THEIR basements. And that I couldn't find the crib hardware that day!

I had decided some months ago that the crib would wait to be put up until the baby was a few months old. You know...because all my babies just sleep with me anyhow. Why waste the energy putting up something that won't be used for a long time anyway?

Well, Monday, I decided to waste the energy. For some unknown pregnant reason, I NEEDED to have that crib up. Monday. I gathered all the parts and carefully (you know, so as not to tweak my back again) brought each piece up to "the boys' room." (I like the sound of that.)

And then I remembered. The hardware. I still didn't know where it was. I racked my brain. There was nothing in there. Just some random cobwebs and an innate desire to put together a crib. And a hankering for some chocolate. Those were the only things rolling around my otherwise useless brain. My crib plans were foiled.

Then, Monday night, I was putting away laundry, and in my boy's dresser drawer I found a screw....looked further...lots of screws...and some random other hardware. Bingo! Of course. Of course I put them safely away in his sock drawer. That is the only logical place for crib hardware to go. Why hadn't I remembered?

Yesterday morning I got straight to work. I assembled the crib, and set about finding its bedding. All I could find were random piece's from both his and her crib sets. Thankfully her crib skirt and blanket were green and cream. But his bumper pad had these weird splotches of discoloration. (thank you, Rubbermaid.)

I fished out some tan and green Rit dye, and voila! The crib is ready!

Here's the bumper pad before:

And after:

And the whole thing put together:

I'm moving on to closets next.

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Kara said...

Doesn't even look like the same bumper it!