Monday, July 14, 2008

the problem

See all these toys in this corner?

Of course you can. They're right out in the open.

This is what remains of the toys that are "allowed" to be out of the bedrooms. (That sounds way harsher than I mean it....they spend nearly all their time playing in their rooms. We don't have a toy room, and I really don't want my living room to be a living room/toy room. So there are a few random blocks, Mr. Potato Head and his family, a block train and some wayward trucks piled up next to the sofa.)

The mussieness of it is my "problem."

The solution. Part one:

I found these hat boxes on major clearance. But, they're the wrong color. Or pattern. Or something. I like that they're hat boxes, but I don't like that they're floral. Maybe one floral one would be nice, but not all.

So, as the day progresses, I hope to make them a little different.

I'll put up some pictures when they're all done.


poppa said...

only a mom would see that. a house that is lived in is one that kids will come back to all their lives. I think it adds character, could be worse, they could in all in a line down the middel of the room:)

redeemed diva said...

Great idea...I love it. You could get scrapbook paper and use adhesive on them and spray it on...or solve that old "what to do with all that random picture drawing the kids have down. Paste 'em on then shellack (sp?) it and once they've outgrown toys it can be used for some other purpose. Can't wait to see what you come up with!