Thursday, July 10, 2008

project handmade Christmas 2008

I'm doing it again. Only this year, I'm making my goal a bit loftier. I'm aiming for no purchased toys this year. I'm so sick of plasticky, poisonous, recalled toys. SICK. OF. THEM.

Sorry. I'm getting all worked up.


Where was I? Christmas. In July.

In my afternoon daydreaming, I was trying to imagine the kinds of gifts I could make. What do my kids need? Nothing? Nothing. They have everything. But it wouldn't be fair to them to give them nothing for Christmas. Would it? I don't think they are quite old enough to grapple with heady philosophies on excessive consumerism, our culture of greed (at a level concerning their own Christmas gifts) blah etc blah.

So after mentally removing 50% of the toys they already have (to be physically removed some afternoon when Daddy has them out of the house), I came up with a few ideas.

Here's the beginning of the first:

The butterfly family.

A mama and big sister butterfly....

.....daddy, big brother, and baby caterpillar brother are in the works.

They will have a fold up fabric home and accessories. I'm imagining this as a travelling toy. Something easy to pack in the car for long trips. They have been the perfect way to use up scraps of fabric. I had thought of adding wire antennae and arms, but really like the fact that there isn't anything chokey or pokey on them. Kid friendly.

I'll share more when the rest is done. I'm hoping to get most of my sewing and making of gifts done this summer. I promise to share the ideas...and encourage you to try your hand at a few homemade gifts this year. It's only July. You have plenty of time!


Sarri said...

I. LOVE. THOSE. LOVE! You are amazing and inspiring!

Mrs. MK said...


betty r said...

So for sure!

poppa said...

The little princess will have hours upon hours of fun imagining all kinds of BeanaBetty Butterfly adventures!

redeemed diva said...

I love these. Super creative! It's kind of like a Laura Ingalls Christmas for your family. And whenever you read about them in her books, you smiled at the fullness and happiness that came from their contentment.

nonna said...

SO FUN!!!!! They will be loved and loved and loved...such great ideas. Can't wait to see more... 1437

Madison Richards said...

I too hate the consumerism of today's Christmases and is always a challenge to find useful and long-lasting ideas for gifts, but it's not impossible, and you've come up with some great ideas!

Bug and Bear said...

I think that is a wonderful idea. I love all the bright colors!


crankydee said...

I haven't much more to say but to let you know I am sitting here with a big smile on my face - just glad there are like persons in the world.