Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Started the morning with my allotted cup of coffee. Just black today. Trying to cut back a little on the unnecessaries.

The day opened really slowly. Motivation is illusive. So many things I need to do. And want to do. But can't make my body move forward. I can make my body sit down. And lie down. (I can also open and close my mouth just fine.)

I ironed my husbands clothes, and sent him off to work.

I made our bed. The kids were still sleeping.

Descending the stairs, I contemplated my lack of motivation. Is it pregnancy? Laziness? Something else? A blend of these things?

I saw my coffee mug. Full of plain unmotivating coffee. This certainly isn't helping. I poured it out and started over. Coffee. Cinnamon. Sugar. Cream. Hmm. Feeling better already.

The kids start rolling out of bed. My daughter grabs an embroidery project from her sewing basket. Not ready for any sustenance. (She is not struggling with get-up-and-go-mo-jo.)

I shepherd my son through toast making. He globs 2000 calories worth of butter onto carb-watching bread (grocery shopping and bread baking are on my list). A few squeezes from the honey jar, and he's happily set with breakfast. Made by himself. He offers me a bite of toast. I grow one dress size. Good stuff. Good stuff.

Still reflecting on my own idleness, I sit down at the computer, coffee in hand. I look through a few inspiring blogs, and feel that twinge of creativity....a little bit of oomffph. Do I stand up and move forward?


I hop on over here to pontificate. And drink that coffee.

Maybe once the caffeine hits, I'll press onward.

Or, maybe I'll hop back over and type up a dissertation on domestic motivation and the lack there of.


Mrs. MK said...

now I would be interested in that!

I can relate!! Motivation is hard to muster up sometimes, that's why I am trying to get a schedule implemented so that days when I don't feel *like it*, the boys do there stuff anyway, and that helps get me going. At least it did this morning!

Mrs. MK said...

thanks for *shopping*! Your neckwarmer hit the mail today----

Kara said...

I think it must be something in the air, because I'm not pregnant and I couldn't get myself to do anything today! Now, when I go to work tomorrow I will think of all the things I could be doing at home...go figure! You should be enjoying these days of 'laziness' October isn't that far away!!