Friday, July 6, 2007

Curtains from Table~Cloths

I finally found the right pink fabric for curtains in the Little Miss's Bedroom. They used to be linen table cloths, one round and one oblong. There's just enough fabric left over for a pillow, and you know how much I love making pillows. :)

I made little tabs to pull them open, so they could let in the daylight. She prefers them closed. (I think only because she likes to part them, and peer through with a dramatic, Rapunzelesque flair.) Silly girl.First, I cut the oblong table cloth into 4 pieces.

Then, I cut the round table cloth, using the pieces without the 'x's.

Matched them as shown, finished raw edges.

I folded the round piece over, and sewed the seam for rod pocket.


Jes said...

oooo.....what a lovely tutorial and an even lovelier blog!

Brambleberry said...

Thank you!

Katie said...

So pretty!