Monday, December 15, 2008


I often wondered just how math would fit into my daily life when I was little and forced to endure the subject until 10th grade. My mind is wired to enjoy learning only about the things that matter. To me.

Frankly, I never cared how long it would take for train A travelling at 50 mph to reach Syracuse if it had to stop in Toledo for 20 minutes on Thursday at 8pm. Mind you, I might be inclined to figure it out if I were waiting in Syracuse at the depot and train A was delivering me a caramel latte. Personal relevance.

I was in the grocery store this morning. Today was one of those days that makes me wish I would have paid more attention.

If a megaroll of toilet paper equals 4 regular rolls, and a pack of mega rolls contains 6 rolls and costs $7.49, while a 12 pack of double rolls is $6.37 - but they aren't quilted, and package of 12 single Basic rolls is $4.99, however the triple rolls are no longer available, and the store brand of doubles is quilted but not on sale.....which package should I buy?

My mind started to hurt right there in the aisle.

And I bought the mega rolls. But only because I don't have to change the roll as often.

So there, Mr. Taylor.


poppa said...

if your numbers are correct from a basic cost per roll, the best bargain is the 12 double roll,
.2654 per "single roll cost", the time save quad roll cost is .3083 per "single roll cost" and the single roll cost is .4158 per roll.
Of course as you mentioned there is the time savings with the quad roll... all in all a good purchase if for no other reason you didn't stay all day in the store a la your dear granny. :)

betty r said...

Oh I hate no help from me. I know the feeling and usually just guess, grab the item and forget about it until hubby asks if it was the best deal..uuhh..I..I think so!! (grin)

peeking out villa villekulla said...

I have asked to borrow a calculator from the Target electronic department several times to figure out which box size/brand of diapers was the best deal.. the "large" "big" "jumbo" or "supersize".

peeking out villa villekulla said...

I think we have the replacement real life scenarios.. no one takes the train anymore.

If Pamper's Cruisers Jumbo pack are on sale for $20.99 and Pamper's Baby Dry Extra Large pack are normal priced at $22.99. And you like Pamper's Cruisers more than Pamper's Baby Dry so you are willing to pay up to 3.1 cents more per diaper. You have a coupon for Huggies in your purse for $1.00 off any size and you are wary of trying a new brand but if you can save at least 4.1 cents a diaper you may consider it. opps. coupon has expired. But the store across the street has the pamper's large pack baby dry on sale for 17.68. But that would mean having to drive there and get out and haul your two crabby kids over there. And the package is smaller so you'll be in this scenerio sooner.. but it would be worth it if you can save atleast 5.01 cents per diaper. Which diaper brand and size of package should you buy and at which store?

The students would be all set for teen pregnancy!

Visty said...

Okay, I was having a conversation with Rick the other day about whether he should buy Mega, Double, or Big toilet paper. It was all Charmin! Those aren't standard units of measure.