Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the Nativity

My daughter has been in charge of setting up the Nativity each year at Christmas.

After which, she is in charge of playing with the Nativity until it's time to put away.

Playing with the Nativity is one of my favorite memories of being little at Christmastime. So when my girl first wanted to play with these figures a few years ago, I begrudgingly relented. These were a special gift from some special friends. I really like them. A lot. Really a lot.
And I knew what could happen if I let her play with them.
This could happen:

The sheep has suffered a leg fracture.

Both of the donkey's ears have been broken off. More than once.

One of the wise men has broken his gift....

....and lost his head. More than once.
But, it's been worth it. These are just things. Special things. But things. I can replace them.
I can't replace the memories that my {even special-er} little girl has made - by being allowed to play with Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. The Story comes alive. Which makes it completely, totally, and wonderfully worth it.


peeking out villa villekulla said...

No one else on the planet has a set like yours. The stories and memories all of those "oops's" tell. It's a set you will treasure above and beyond any set that would be set off limits on a high shelf.

But now if MY kids wanted to play with MY nativity set.. "no way! those are mommy's!" ha.

Jen said...

Oh how I miss Grandma! What great memories! thanks for the reminder!

Sarri said...

I love it! Our kids love our nativities as well. We do have a Little People Set for them as well, but the family one is a favorite anyway.

betty r said...

That is what memories are made of..my children played with the nativity set and it was a great way to tell them the story of the birth of Jesus.

redeemed diva said...

First of all, i LOVE your Nativity set. I don't have one yet...we attempted making one but we got as far as the shepherds and I had enough glue, sparkles and cottonballs remnants to make a housemaker faint at the cleaning job ahead. I love how you showed the 'journey' the wisemen and animals have been on--cracked vessels visiting the newborn King. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

The nativity was a huge part of our growing up and now the girls are just as consumed by it.

still searching for a darned camel though.