Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's been so nice having my teacher husband home for Christmas break. Yesterday, we puttered around the house all morning. By afternoon, the kids were spiking dangerously high cabin-fevers.

Once everyone was bundled into their snow gear, we packed up the sled and went to The Hill.

My husband had suggested I go and grab a coffee to sip while waiting in the car with the sleeping wee babe. So I did. He had to twist my arm pretty hard. Because I only *kinda* like coffee.


I also grabbed a book to read while I waited. In case I got bored. What was I thinking? Getting bored while watching my kids {stare death in the face} race down the big hill?! I had the best time watching them go down and then scramble to make it to the top of the hill again....slipping and tripping all the way. They would alternate going down all together...daddy in the back, steering like a mad man. The two big kids together. The big kids alone.

When they had had enough, they made their way back to the car with big smiles and pink cheeks.

It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.


Jen said...

sounds like so much fun. It was so fun seeing you over Christmas. Thanks for the sweaters!

nonna said...

What a wonderful memory for all of you! The coffee puts it over the top = ] Give everyone a hug from me 1437