Sunday, December 28, 2008

random today

Today, I got to go to the store. ALL BY MYSELF. Alone. (There were other people in the store, it wasn't 4 am or anything.) But I was not with anyone personally. My children were home. With daddy. And! I only received one phone call! One EMERGENCY call. From my girl. About paper. About what kind of paper would be okay to use with a wiggly headed pen.


At first I wandered the aisles just enjoying the atmosphere. The muzak. The freedom.

And then, I started making new year's resolutions. About fiber. About adding more fiber into my family's diet. My husband is going to be SO thrilled to hear this important new development. I took my time reading labels, and filled my cart with all sorts of wonderful beans. Black beans! Refried beans! Kidney beans! Chili style beans! Ay, caramba! I also loaded up on ground flax seed, to sprinkle into everything I make. And, I bought some toilet paper. You know, for after the beans and flax seed.


Then! I started thinking about new things. Trying new things. Getting my family to try new things. Getting my family to try new things without them knowing they are trying new things. (See ground flax seed above)

In the spirit of trying new things, I bought this:

It is not delicious.

I'm hoping to fare better with other new things.


Anonymous said...

it's a commentary on our lives when a trip to the grocery store seems like a dream come true.

comforting actually? must be all the food, weird?

keep us posted on your new things!

poppa said...

orange and coffee doesn't sound good, thanks for doing the research to prove this.
thanks for a wonderful Christmas, the dumplings were the best ever

nonna said...

I agree with your fatha - the dumplings were awesome and they were thanks to your touch. Christmas was so wonderful, special and joy filled. We are very blessed and thank you for your part of that. 1437!

betty r said...

It is so nice to have those 'random days'..'getting out' of the house by yourself is a treat even if it is to the supermarket!