Friday, December 12, 2008

a "held baby" lacks motivation

That's what my daughter's doctor told me when she was around 6 months old. I think she was encouraging me to put her down a little more often, but her words had the opposite affect on me.

I'm a baby holder. I LOVE to hold my babies. And rock them, and sniff them, and sing them little songs.

And if holding them keeps them from finding the motivation to crawl, or roll, or walk, or get older, or become independent, well, then, you had better believe that I'm going to keep on holding on.

It didn't work with the other two. Neither had any problems mobilizing. Am I deterred? Ha! I don't give up quite that easily.

In fact, I might just keep this one in a papoose until Kindergarten. Do you think he would be teased if I dropped him off in a back carrier?



Visty said...

I say sit right down in Kindergarten class with him IN the pouch. You can let him out for recess.

jen said...

i was told the same by more than enough random people.

i did everything holding my babies. that time passes way too fast to not take advantage of every minute.

i miss those days dearly.

my girls still snuggle with me all the time. we're very HUGGY, but still they don't fit quite so well as they did.

PLUS, they are plenty motivated, believe me!