Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Brown Series

Some brown things that make me happy:

1. Brownies

2. What ever this is...I like it.

3. These girls have graduated from fridge to frame.

4. Hello, mug of coffee. I love you.

5. Amish friendship bread. (Thank you, Karla!)

6. The sandals I've worn since high school. I love that shoes never shrink...unlike my clothes. Uh huh.

7. My chair and blanket. A perfect combo for cozy reading.

8. Brown sugar, and my kitchen tiles.

It really is the simple things, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

You have the same jars as I do!! Love them!

That thing is a seedpod. Do you stand in awe of my knowledge? ;)

Brambleberry said...

I sure do!

Tammigirl said...

What the heck, you really have the brown going on and I TOTALLY LOVE IT!! You nailed some of my favorite things: COFFEE (must always be capitalized), brown sugar (must always be tasted), brownies (eeeeee gads, the brownies). I think this was so much fun!!

Cheryl said...

Brownies and hot coffee! Yum!! Now how about some chocolate chip cookies made with that brown sugar?

Katie said...

Yummmm. Cozy all around. I love it.