Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello, Special Rainy Day.

I think this evokes a good sense of the feeling of the day. One little corner of my home. (I'll have you note that there aren't piles of laundry on the keys. One of those chores no one notices unless you don't do it. Hooray for me, I did it today! Hence, the coffee reward.)

I found a place to put that yo-yo shabby piano, I'd show you the keys, but they are entirely too well loved for the camera.

Candles feel so good on an overcast afternoon.

Sweet rewards.


Mrs. MK said...

Fun pictures!!

I'm thinking that cuppa was well deserved! Laundry is a torment at times and to have conquered it is a feat of strength!!

Brigitta said...

what a great idea to light candles on a rainy day, even though it's summer. I might just do that!! tnx ;)

Tammigirl said...

Did I ever mention that I love how you love coffee??? Me too. The painting above your shabby piano is FAB!!

Brambleberry said...

Aren't candles wonderful?! Summer, winter, I love them all the time. They create such a great mood.

Thanks, Tammi! The coffee thing...I'm beginning to wonder if I need to keep it in's somehow more than just a's the one thing I'm not sure I could give up. Ever. An addiction perhaps?

Visty said...

Oh yes, the yoyo garland!! It looks perfect there.