Saturday, July 28, 2007


I live a very simple life. My microwave broke down over a year ago, and I've not replaced it. (I often feel very Julia Child having to make everything on the stove--it's a little fancy.) I listen to radio in place of watching television. I sew by hand. For awhile, my dryer was broken, and I was privileged to have the character building experience of line drying all our laundry.

Perhaps my life is not so simple, as it is a couple of decades slow. At any rate, it occurred to me, that I am living the "Lake Cabin Life." Sans lake. And Cabin. You know what I mean? It's the slower paced style that is usually reserved for weekends in the summer. When I thought of my little home in terms of a lake cabin, it seems a little less small. If this were my lake home, BOY! We'd be {almost} in the lap of {lake cabin} luxury! My bathroom is nice, and pretty good sized, but in terms of a lake see where I'm going.

I've decided to practice contentment in what I have, and I have to tell you, that when I imagine that there's a big body of water a few yards out my back door, I feel pretty content.


Tammigirl said...

This is good. Simple. I too live sans microwave and I'm proud. I live sans dishwasher and it's a little frustrating, but I'm proud. There is satisfaction in doing things "two decades slower". I totally appreciate this.

There's something to be said for finding contentment and how delightful when contentment finds you.

Brambleberry said...

Yes, I forgot about the dishwasher. *I* am our dishwasher. :)

Wise is delightful, isn't it?!

Joan said...

Uncomplicated lives slow one down to enjoy simple things....and usually to appreciate more the most important things. Thanks for a lovely reminder that godliness with contentment IS great gain.

Rick said...

the fewer things that clutter our lives, the fewer things possess us. I agree that by understanding the treasures we have and appreciating them, we realize how blessed we are. By the same token, freeing people to enjoy their possessions and be truly happy for them is also a huge blessing. Our lives really is God Story being written as we live, one day at a time. Thanks for making this day a special one, because you are you.


Brambleberry said...

Thanks, Mom and Dad.


Visty said...

A fellow Luddite! have you read the Little House books as an adult? The way Laura Ingalls describes her simple life is so inspiring. She writes about the crisp white curtains made from last year's sheets with a little red fabric trim to brighten them up, and it just speaks to my soul.

redeemed diva said...

I so needed to read this today. We were visiting a young couple, who just purchased their second home (first one is being rented out) and I am living the simple life--renting, no dishwasher, etc. I keep giving things over to God every time I feel the world's pull of "where I should be" yanking at me. and today, His grace came to me in the form of this blog. Thanks for the post.

Tamatha said...

Wow! What a great post.....I can see why my friend Holly reads your blog!:o)

I often get mad when I realize how often my sentences start with things like "I wish we..." or " "I can't wait till..." I long to be content right where we are at!:o)

I am encouraged..and challenged all at once. Thanks so much! (I just might be back once I catch up on all my other blogs I read)