Friday, July 13, 2007

Yes, I want your grandmother's old button jar!

A girlfriend asked if I wanted a jar of old buttons.
I spent the morning playing with these beauties. I don't know if I can stop my mind from making imaginary projects out of them. A jar of possibilites. What a treasure!!

Eeek!! Some are bigger than a silver dollar! (Am I the only one that gets excited about large buttons?! It's like striking gold - on some embarrassingly pathetic scale.)


Joan said...

A real treasure....what a fun gift to receive! Enjoy. I can't wait to see what new treasures they become....

Sarri said...

So cool. My mom has a big jar of buttons and sometimes when my Bigs go over there she'll get out a big quilt, some mini muffin tins, measuring cups, and the buttons and they go to town- sorting, counting, patterning, and just exploring. It was one of my favortie things as a little girl when she'd let me play with the buttons.