Monday, June 16, 2008

huge sigh

Home. We are home after a planned-last-minute trip to my husband's parent's farm. Back near my old stomping grounds. It's always fun to visit. The kids become country-kids for a few days....playing outside, driving small motors, getting wood ticks, getting dirty, eating like royalty, and l.o.v.i.n.g. EVERY minute of it. My son cried the night before we were to leave. Our place is boring. We don't have tadpoles. Or the biggest coolest playhouse you've ever seen. Or three wheelers.

When he's big, he's building a house right next to theirs. I'm guessing it will be attached somehow, so he can run over for breakfast every morning. "Where's my sausages?"


I was able to run into town and see a girlfriend for lunch....which is always super fun. Fun to eat the food that I dream about, with the secret sauce I suspect contains heroin, as your body nearly aches to eat it again...or to just drink it plain. And it's great to be able to catch up and chat like only minutes have passed since your last visit. I love that.

I tried to do a pop in on another friend, which felt like the meanest thing in the world to do. With out a 15 minute phone call allow for the mad dash toy pickup. Something tells me, this gal wouldn't have needed it. She wasn't home, and I didn't go and peek into her windows, but everything on the outside suggested perfection on the inside. Right down to the most adorable little dog in the window.

I also tried to see a cousin and aunt, but they were out and about....I really need to learn to use my phone. But somehow, just being near their homes felt like I had connected with them.

It's really a blast to go and visit the place of our youth, but I like coming home, too. Now to tackle that mountain of laundry. :)


Mark & Kylee Miller said...

I'm jealous I wasn't there to dine with you! or walk....or cruise :)

sjb-roso said...

I think that it might have been me and I am very sad :-( I don't know about the yard of perfection but I do have that cute little doggie in the window...was it me??? And yes, I would have needed that 15 minute warning or more like 2 day warning! Oh, I miss you!

Brambleberry said...

It was you! And, your home is just SO lovely. I promise I didn't peek in the windows. Although, I did want to. But, the Lundbohms's were driving past, and I thought they would call the cops, or something. :)

sjb-roso said...

I am really, really sad! I even had to call my momma and tell her! Maybe I need to make a trip down to see you?? I could go stop and pick up Jen and the boys and make a week of it?? Hmmm, now I got myself thinkin'

Brambleberry said...

Yes, I think you do need to make a trip down!

redeemed diva said...

Good luck with the laundry!
I too enjoy going back and visiting family. I completely know what you mean about being close to someone's home and feeling like you did actually see them. sounds like a needed break for a pregnant woman--especially the heroin-laced sauce!

betty r said...

So glad you got away! 'A break is as good as a rest.'
Alas..there are always mountains of laundry though when you come home again..

nonna said...

Wishing I could have been with you as you stood on familiar, special grounds filled with great memories too. Am so glad you had the opportunity to go and that we were able to have a little visit as well :) 1437