Monday, June 23, 2008

On labor

I was at a mom's group playdate last Friday. So much fun. The kids play, the moms visit....a good time is had by all. Etc.

There were two new mommies there that day. Both with brand new itty bitty babies. ADORABLE! You know the greatest thing about moms? We have a built-in conversation ice breaker.

"So, tell me about your labor."

I love labor stories. Women OWN their labor stories. They are experiences. Tough experiences. Painful. Perfect. Wonderful. Horrible. Worth every effort.

And everyone remembers....little details. The initial I-can-totally-Lamaze-my-way-through-these contractions. That become they-hurt-so-bad-I-think-I'll-die contractions.

From emergency c-sections to epidural converts....I love to hear the stories. It's instant bonding.

Last Friday, I heard some great birth stories. These lovely new mamas clearly enjoyed the Motherhood Sisterhood.

I've decided a few things about my next labor. Based on the experiences of my last labors. I'll share those stories in the coming days. Because I rocked those labors. They were mine. And I remember every last detail. From epidural convert to anti-epidural....

This birthing business is crazy stuff.


e_susan94 said...

Love labor and birth stories. I had two babies without any drugs and prepared in advance for my first one with a 12 week Bradley Method course. My husband and I felt confident that when I went into labor and preparing for it that we could tackle anything. Ours was the textbook labor and my 2nd baby was a Precipitous labor & delivery which was awesome (and different) as well!

Rooney's Little Musings said...

Can't wait to learn from your experiences!

Jan said...

I don't want to own my birth stories (even though they were...interesting). I want to give them to the next person who grabs the last parking space within 10 miles of the grocery; the woman who leaves the hospital the day after giving birth to twin boys who weigh a total of 22 pounds, wearing her old size 1 bikini and it's falling off her. I'm saving one for my (male) neighbor who assures me his recent root canal was worse than givig birth...

The last one I'll save for me in case I ever get the urge to have another!

Just kidding...I have 4 kids, 4 very different stories and I cherish each one. Thank you for sharing!