Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Must haves

Have you seen these? WoodWick candles. They're just SO wonderful. Really.

I have had this one lit everyday (14 hours) for the past 3 days. It smells fantastic. And! I can smell it all around my house. When I open the door, this is the smell that greets me. This one is "Cashmere." (Which makes me think of that one Seinfeld episode....cashmere! Cashmere!! CASHMERE!!!)

The best part about these beauties is the wooden wick. It makes the greatest fireplace-y sound. Crackle crackle. And they burn completely wasted wax. Hands down, the best candle in the world. (Yes, I am this lame.)

I got mine at my favorite store in the whole world. The home of my favorite mugs of all time.


Sarri said...

Oooh, those look fab! I want some!

sjb-roso said...

Did you get it from Kerri's?? They are the best! I love to burn mine in the winter and pretend I have a fire place :-)

nonna said...

I think I can smell it from here....mmmmmmm, sounds relaxing and delicious.