Monday, June 2, 2008

slow down.

I got a call from my husband this morning. Would my son and I be willing/have time to bring him some cupcakes and lunch? Several students are celebrating birthdays, and he thought it would be fun to sugar them all up on the second to last day of school. A good way to end the year...the same as they started...with cupcakes. (The first day of school was a birthday, too--and my husband is thoughtful and wonderful and awesome and handsome.)

Any who....yes! We had time! We love to see Daddy mid-day. I put the house in order, and we ran to the grocery store. I thought I had allotted ample time. We picked out the cupcakes, a soda (for Dad), and a candy bar for my boy. Headed to the check out. There were 12 checkers. All check out counters were full. We tried to go to the express lane, but it was closed. No big deal. We still have a few minutes before we needed to be on our way. We wandered back through the lines, and found a check out with only one customer. She had two carts full, but they were almost done ringing her out.

Perfect. Only a few minutes left. This gal will be done soon. They finish scanning, give her the total, and she digs through her purse. Out come hundreds of gift cards. Oh dear. Her total was over $200, and the cards all had $25 stamped on the plastic. Okay. It's okay. She is completely allowed to use her gift cards to purchase her two carts full of groceries. Of course! She might be going through a crisis. She might have 12 children at home. Maybe one is very ill. Maybe she can only shop once a month? Maybe she got those cards because her husband died? (when I start to feel entitled or snotty, I make up stories about the object of my wrath. Which makes me feel terrible, and sympathetic.)

It takes a good 5 minutes for all her cards to go through, and then 2 minutes for her receipt to print out. It was a long one, too. Like Santa's list of good children.

I did some Lamaze to keep my cool. Because, after all, this woman had done nothing wrong. At all. Nothing. But, make me a little behind schedule. Big deal. I'm delivering cupcakes to 6th graders. Not an organ for life saving surgery. Get over myself.

We raced to the school. We got there in plenty of time. I forgot all about the big deal I was making at the store until we were on our way home and someone cut me off. And drove slowly.

UGH!!!! What is wrong with you people?!?!?!

Seriously. This is what went through my mind. Because, you know that God put all you other people on this world to enjoy the ride as you revolve around me. Perhaps you didn't know this?

It started to become clear that I am in need of a serious attitude adjustment. I gotta start slowing down....recognizing that I am here to love you all....not mumble under my breath when your path crosses mine as you pull out in front of me and drive 15 mph slower.

I'm going to practice extending grace.


betty r said...

Oh my I too need to remember..thanks for the timely post!

Anonymous said...

Does the Lamaze work? If so I will have to remember that trick. I'd become an expert at it in no time at all as I tend to be very impatient all too often. You put things in perspective, thanks!

Amy J said...

love it katie, I am the EXACT same way at times, and like you and Sarri, I also thrive on fictional crisis to help me mellow out my angst toward any given stranger.