Sunday, June 29, 2008


I just love this country. With all the things I complain about, all the issues to debate, the problems to solve....I'm so thankful that I live in a country where I'm able to complain, debate, and solve.

Aren't we lucky?!

I also love a good reason to celebrate. So as we near independence day, I'm breaking out the decorations. Most of them are made by me. In the U.S.A. Since that's where I am.

I was wanting to poke some flags into my window boxes. Snazzy 'em up. I started my quest a few weeks ago....looking for the right ones. Can I tell you how defeated I felt EVERY TIME I looked at a small American flag with the words "Made In China" on it? Are you kidding me?

Perhaps you're new to me, but that country is one that I have so many issues with. I've already complained about it here, and here. And here. Ugh. Now I'm getting all in a huff.

At any rate, today, on a routine trip to Target for soap refills, I was PLEASED to find these great little flags. For $.99! And looky here:

See those three wonderful words? Made in U.S.A.

Here they are in my window boxes. If you'd like some, you'd better hurry over and get them. Before I run out and snatch all of them up.


betty r said...

I agree with you..there's always that little sign to check where the product is made..
We are celebrating July 1 with red and white colors!

lovemytannerman said...

That is awesome! As soon as I feel better I will get down there for some.

My flower box is empty though. I can't find anything that will grow there. Maybe I can get the flags and try again to plant something.

nonna said...

Your window boxes look so cool with the flags added - what a great idea. Hurray for the r,w & b : )!! 1437