Tuesday, September 9, 2008

emotional much?

My son is eating his lunch, picnic style, in front of the television. Where I'll let him stay until we leave for the playground to meet a friend. Normally, I try to limit the television watching....but today....today, I need it. Why? Because I'm a crier. Why am I crying? Because I am tired. And hormonal. And I don't want him to know that he made me cry when I "made his sandwich wrong." Because no little boy should see his mommy in tears over something SO RIDICULOUS.

Now, I didn't go and make him a new sandwich. He's eating the wrong one. And he's not complaining anymore. Which is good...because it really hurts my feelings. I can't tell you how embarrassing that is. I cried today because my son didn't want the peanut butter to touch the jelly.

This could get scary when we pick up his sister from school. She's got some attitude we've been working on......I may need to wear my sunglasses from here on out.

Lord, help me. Or at least, dehydrate my eyes.


Mrs. MK said...

oh, those days....

hope it looks up for you (with out the sunglasses!)

Kara said...

I know your pain, Riley has seen me cry way too many times and sometimes I really let him know he's hurt my feelings.....is that SO bad?!! I don't even have to be 'expecting' for this to happen! I'm sure by now he just 'expects' I'll cry every now and then!

taylor made said...

I found you through my friend Emily's blog, Chatting.. Im assuming you know it. I just really really loved this post. I dont know. Its just really nice. The honesty. Its sweet.