Monday, September 22, 2008

Well, that was disappointing

I was thumbing through an old church cookbook this morning...trying to find some new and fresh ideas to add to my repertoire.

I found this recipe for Granny's Double-Grain Bread. The very last sentence in the directions say that this bread is great toasted for breakfast. I like things that are great toasted for breakfast. I had all the ingredients. I went to work. Mixing. Kneading. Waiting. Punching. Waiting....

...after the second rise, I was to form the dough into two separate balls on a cookie sheet.


I let them "rise" until doubled...only, they didn't double up. They doubled around. Into blobs. Not wanting to take the time to reform them and let them rise once again, I went ahead and baked them.

(It's okay to laugh.)

They look interesting enough. They taste fine. But, they're not what I was expecting.

I cut them in half and put them in my cake dome. (Which is where I put all baked goodies. It's fun to look at them on my counter. It reminds me that one day a week, I can pull my act together. Accomplishment. Etc.)

I'm trying to find "the lesson" in all this. Something about how things don't always turn out as we think they should....


nonna said...

I think it's a lesson one keeps re-learning. After 55 years, ok - 55 and a HALF years - it seems to be a daily reminder. I am intrigued by their shape, perhaps they could be created into some sort of wonderful sandwich or even a dip holder. :) I have years of experience in taking what was suppose to be and creating something I hope people will THINK it was suppose to be. I still can't get over that all of Grandma's baking skills jumped right over me and landed in my daughters.

betty r said...

Hey not so bad, I like the shapes..maybe large pita breads?? Enjoy and try again! Just don't admit to a mistake...hehe