Thursday, September 18, 2008

frugal living tip #3 ~ better than cheap

What's better than clearance? Better than bargain? Better than bottom dollar?


Free is always better.

My favorite things to decorate with, especially in autumn, are ditch weeds. As in, weeds I pick out of the ditch. I dry them out just a bit, mostly to make sure the bugs have fled, and then poke them in wreaths, vases, my flower boxes, pumpkins....whatever suits my fancy.

The colors are perfect, and the price cannot be beat.

(It's best to bring along a{n almost} four year old, armed with his Swiss army knife. And don't be afraid to make him walk towards them first. He won't flinch if you should scare up a ruffed grouse.)


Mary said...

So, so true. I was just thinking of snipping a few bouquets of my purple and white asters to dry. :) love your new fence too.

Mrs. MK said...

We love free!

Very pretty!

poppa said...

better than free is the adventure of going and finding them, especially with a brave and adventuresome little warrior. From experience there will be some more great colors in coming weeks

Madison Richards said...

you, my friend, are hilarious! I love the way you write and describe your everyday adventures with a touch of real-life humor. Keep writing!!