Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Picking and choosing

We've been very careful this year with our schedules. Last year was full and fun...but pretty heavy on the full.

We did Wednesday Night Church Activities. My daughter was in ballet/tap/jazz. My son and I took a class through the school district. We did a kid's/mom's group at my church. Sunday school. Coaching. There were barely any days that were strictly ours.

I don't like that feeling. I can't handle a full schedule. I need breathing space. Space for inviting friends over to play. Or to meet for coffee. Or to just sit home and Norman Rockwell.

You know?

So this year, my daughter chose to do tap only. (woohoo!) We're not going to be a part of the Wednesday Night crowd. (Which, I must say, feels really strange, but I sigh a relieving sigh just thinking about it.) We'll do the kid's/mom's group, but not the class through the district. My husband will still coach, but without all the extras filling up our evenings, we'll be able to go and cheer his team on....or not..... Sunday school won't feel like "one more thing." Our weekends won't be quite so "precious," as there will be plenty of family moments during the week.

I know that once this new baby makes his appearance, I'll need the breathing room. We'll have more family time. More free time. More.

It feels so right. So. Right.


redeemed diva said...

I agree. The older I get, the more i love the "less is more" philosophy and pray I don't become a psycho-busy Mom who is always running but never getting anywhere!

dixie said...

I'm right there with you. We're not into a whole lot of activities, mostly due to my work schedule and only having one car. But I wouldn't want a jam-packed schedule even if we were able to have one. My brother & SIL are always ferrying their 6 kids all over town. Soccer, dance, football, baseball... Thanks, but no thanks.

nonna said...

Very sound wisdom. There is much time to get everyone 'involved' and how wonderful to enjoy being a family. As a young mom, a very wise and loving Christian mom of 12 (yikes) grown children told me to never feel guilty for opting out of 'church events' or other good things because I put my family's needs first. Your children will always be glad you did.