Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We spent Sunday relaxing. It was a wonderfully lazy day. I love wonderfully lazy days. I need wonderfully lazy days.

We grilled these kabobs for dinner. This is the before picture, and I forgot to snap an after....but they were good.

They're chicken, green pepper, potato, onion and tomato. I boiled the potatoes for a few minutes prior to they would fully cook. I also boiled the chicken so that it was just barely pink in the center. (I'm always so paranoid about food cooties. If it's mostly cooked before grilling, I don't have to completely char the chicken to be certain that it's no longer poisonous. It stayed juicy and was just barely charred. Perfection!)

We're planning on taking in a parade in the morning. I'm going to skip the eye makeup and wear big sunglasses. There is just something SO moving about seeing all the veterans....the color water works don't have a shut off valve. What an honor to stand as they walk past.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

We are so fortunate.


nonna said...


Memories of past parades make my heart smile today...oh how you all marched : )

God has blessed us well and my heart feels humbled and full too.

Sally said...

I remember young in Roseau and bros Dick and Charlie and I ran down to the end of our road and RESCUED the War Wreath they threw in the river by the bridge where we lived- rode our bikes like crazy to get there and sure enough there it was! so proud we took it home- we thought for sure they could use it again!!but the bottom jutted out front lower teeth scowl of our father told us otherwise!! we didn't do that again!!!!!Innocent NOT unpatriotic!!God Bless USA!!!!